About Our Company

Emrec’s approach to the world of work is to achieve sourcing and process efficiencies through technology, but delivered by a trusted human talent partner. Learn more about our company and offering. We take pride in maintaining a high standard of service and remains firmly committed to quality of work.

Who we Are ?

Emrec has become the go-to headhunting and executive search firm to find the best talent for roles in various industries. Our team of highly trained, professional recruiters are trained and certified in the latest passive talent sourcing strategies and online tools for headhunters. All training is specifically adapted to sourcing talent within the local market. Each recruiter is also highly networked within the communities of professionals from which they source talent. We operate by providing career advice to individuals and personal consultations. In short, when we pick up the phone to target top, passive candidates for our clients, they answer the phone, and we get results.

What we do?

Emrec began in Auckland, New Zealand with the aim of helping businesses bridge talent gaps in their workforce, and tackle one of the most complex employment legislation in the world. Throughout the years, Emrec has grown to provide its services to retailers, manufacturers, builders and health care providers. We take extensive care to ensure that the professionals we provide are effective, loyal and able to quickly integrate in new environments. Each client can expect a hands-on and personal approach, as our services are fully tailored to meet each client’s unique Human Resource requirements. Whatever your Human Resource needs: whether it’s finding a new chef for your restaurant, or assessing personnel requirements for a new business, our experts are here to help you through it all. Our dedicated team takes pride in maintaining a high standard of service and remains firmly committed to our clients.

Our Experts

Our team of experts are some of the best in the country. Know more about them by calling on one of our Team expert’s name for more details. We look forward to hearing from you.

What our clients say

“Emrec is always pleasant to deal with and totally understood the candidate and our requirements.The service and support we have received from them has been superb. The whole process was managed efficiently, effectively and professionally at all times.”

Emrec Client