Project Services

Emrec’s extensive pool of specialist project services talent means we are able to quickly find the right person for your next role. Our candidates not only possess exceptional project delivery and change management but have the right blend of communication and negotiation skills to make them effective business partners.

Driving your project.

Need permanent or contract staff to drive and lead your project? We have the experts who are skilled at project and change management across a wide range of organisations, ready for their next opportunity.

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Having the right accounting professionals overseeing your business accounts is critical, which is why our specialist consultants are dedicated to finding you the best.

Areas we cover

Whether it’s project management, change management, transformation, business, analysis, or governance, we have the expertise to understand your gals and objectives and match the right talent to drive our project forward.

Industry Experience

Our recruitment specialists can source, select and match the best talent with the right industry experience to drive your brand loyalty, increase sales, gain new insights, craft beautiful messaging and build stronger links between your internal and external customers, across commercial and public sector.

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