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We at Emrec provides the best advice to help in your job search and working with our clients.Emrec can help you on the list of jobs that deliver the best results. We look into your skills and we match it through our clients jobs requirements.

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We make everything easy for you as Emrec provides your needs from Timesheet, Health & Safety to creating your winning CV and cover letters with ease and perfection and exploring through these resources can be the key to your ultimate success.

At Emrec, time sheets have never been easier. Track time on your phone or laptop, quickly approve employee hours, or dive into dashboards and reports that make it easy to manage budgets and plan employee time. Download here for Emrec timesheets or call us for further information.

It is not always clear when work accident claims can be made, as there may be confusion about who’s responsible for health and safety in the workplace and what an employer must do to prevent accidents taking place in the first place. The truth is, health and safety in the workplace is the responsibility of both the employer and employees. Unfortunately, this simple truth is ignored most frequently and employers intentionally escape their responsibilities when it comes to providing adequate safety measures to the workers. At Emrec, Health & Safety is our first priority. The goal is to work with our clients to foster a safe and healthy environment for all our workers and contractors. Download and get our Health & Safety guide below and see how we can securely work together.

Cover letters and resumes are indeed very essential in helping you land on the job that you have been dreaming of. Keep in mind that these are the first things that potential employers see and if you do not make an impression, you may not even be called for the interview. If you want that job or you have been dreaming of having that job, is it important to learn how to write cover letters and resume that suits whatever you are applying for and impress your potential employer even before meeting you in person. You have to make a cover letter and resume that allows you to impress employers and prompts them to include you in the shortlist.
If you want to learn how to make cover letters and resume that are more effective and attention grabbing, download some tips and templates that you might find useful.

Know someone who deserves a new job? Here at Emrec we love helping people into great new jobs! Download the form below to let us know which one of your friends needs a new job and one of our specialist will be in touch. They will walk through their skills and experience, then pair them with any number of over hundreds of opportunities we’ve currently got at Emrec.

Employment Documents You Should Have If you are planning to visit Emrec and thinks you deserve a new job, make sure to bring the following requirements with you.

– Proof of ID (Passport, driver licence or Statutory declaration)
– Correct bank account number
– Correct IRD number
– CV if they have one
– 2 work relates references

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